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Sabir is a new form of agency, which starts with an expertise in developing strategy, but which can also develop and deliver visions. Sabir can help at any stage from brainstorming to practical project management.

Sabir listens to its clients goals and absorbs their values. We then use our insights to develop creative strategy, communication and events to communicate and deliver your priorities.

Sabir offers practical solutions to the challenges faced by leaders and the organisations they run.

The name Sabir comes from a Language created by merchants in the Mediterranean, faced with the necessity to communicate in order to trade, so finding a new common language which survives as long as there is a shared need.

A Sabir isn’t taught, it invents itself to meet the need to create joint projects which can make an exceptional contribution.


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    Framing & shaping the vision
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    Content strategy & writing
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    Communication planning
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    Media relations
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    Media training & coaching
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    Public relations & lobbying
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    Projects & events management


For Théâtre du Châtelet, Sabir developed a long-term plan « Châtelet 2030 » which sets out the theatre’ s vision and values.

Sabir coordinated the process of collecting the data for the plan from more than 8000 people, organising debates, seminars, market research and undertaking a programme of interviews with high level international cultural partners and sponsors as a benchmarking exercise of the theatre.

As part of the implementation of the strategy, Sabir has set up a partnership with the prestigious Sorbonne school of journalism and manages a joint editorial board for the theatre’s magazine Tchat. Sabir coordinates editorial policy, the writing and the communications strategy of the magazine.

Sabir was commissioned by Paris 2024 OCOG to conceive and organise the official visit of OCOG’s president, Tony Estanguet, to Marseille, Arles and Avignon festivals. Sabir suggested and facilitated fifteen meetings with public actors, cultural influencers, artists and the media, during which the OCOG had the opportunity to lay the groundwork and first milestones of the cultural Olympiad that will take place between 2020 and 2024.

Every month, Sabir produces an in-depth report for real-estate developer OGIC, focused on the issues of the city of tomorrow : climate and environmental emergency, new architectural approaches, the role of nature within the city, regional inequality, new forms of cohabitation, interaction between architecture and technology.

Sabir organised meetings for OGIC’s executive committee with influential leaders, actors and thinkers who are actively part of these conversations and their solutions, thus creating a space for reflection and potential collaboration.

The agency also advises OGIC on its communication strategy for traditional and social media.

Following a commission from Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, The New York Times and Théâtre du Châtelet, Sabir contributed to the takeover of An American In Paris. While the musical An American in Paris was back on the stage of Théâtre du Châtelet, Galeries Lafayette hosted an exhibition in its shop windows displaying the show’s most iconic scenes selected from The New York Times’ archive. The collaboration culminated in a first-class international conference on sustainability and gender equality in the fashion industry.
Sabir conceived and delivered an annual seminar at the Philharmonie de Paris for professional union Les Forces Musicales. Sabir interacted with the directors of all 43 of orchestras, operas and festivals members of the union, and offered strategic solutions to the challenges they were facing.
Appointed by Opéra de Rouen Normandie, Sabir designed communication tools, narrative strategy and editorial content to advertise the opera’s artistic season, including its annual activity report, in order to strengthen its dialogue with key public and private actors.

In Autumn 2019 Sabir organised a series of visits and high level meetings in Seine-Saint-Denis to enable the professorial team from the Yale University School of Architecture and Urban Design to prepare their final year course on the opera house of the future.

In Spring 2020 Sabir will organise seminars with Parisian urban design and economic development experts and contribute as teachers during the study module of the Yale students of Architecture and Urban Design.


Please feel free to contact us or to knock on our door office at 66 rue de Clichy, Paris 9è. You can also follow our projects on LinkedIn.